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6 Panel

The Door Store and Window Shop offers a wide range of interior and exterior doors from leading designers. Available in an extensive range of materials, applications and styles, our specialists will assist you in selecting functionality and style while enhancing your home or buildings aesthetics. We also offer a nice selection of surplus slab doors that can be used for a variety of projects. 


Belleville Smooth w/ Tanglewood Glass by BWI



Sliding Glass

15-Lite External Grids

(N/A: 2/4; 2/6; 2/10)


(N/A: 2/4; 2/6; 2/10)

9-Lite GBG

(N/A: 2/4)

9-Lite External Grid

(N/A: 2/4)

6-Lite (2-Panel)

(N/A: 2/4; 2/6; 2/10)

1-Lite (2-Panel)

(N/A: 2/4)

Fanlite (N/A: 2/4)

We proudly stock the following Exterior Steel Doors manufactured by American Door Company in Reading, PA. These prehung doors are standard 8/0 height (80"), available as inswing or outswing with a standard bore hole. Unless otherwise noted, widths are: 2/4 (28"); 2/6 (30"); 2/8 (32"); 2/10 (34"); 3/0 (36"). Other options include Double Active Patio Doors and Sidelight Units. 

Independence 22x48

(N/A: 2/4; 2/6; 2/10)

Also Offered in 22x36

(available in all sizes)

St Thomas 22x36

Jamestown 3/4


(N/A: 2/4; 2/6; 2/10)

Independence 3/4


(N/A: 2/4; 2/6;


Jamestown 22x36

Mini Blind 1-Lite

(N/A: 2/4)


(N/A: 2/4)

Full Lite

(N/A: 2/4; 2/6; 2/10)

15-Lite GBG 

(N/A: 2/4; 2/6; 2/10)

22x48 Independence

with optional Sidelights

(Painted by Customer)

St Thomas 3/4 Oval

(N/A: 2/4; 2/6; 2/10)

Double Active Doors - Made To Order

Available in most designs pictured. Call For Details!

Mini Blind Full Lite

(N/A: 2/4; 2/6; 2/10)

Heritage Series Fir Textured Doors #HFT-3C

5001 Mahogany Clear Glass

C30 w/Glazing, 3-Panel Lite, White

Seven D Industries Sliding Glass Door (Beige w/ Grids)

Enhance your home's appeal with quality you can depend on at a price you can afford. No matter what the project, new or renovation, a vinyl sliding glass door by Seven D Industries of Hollidaysburg, PA adds an attractive, maintenance-free entryway that will visually expand and brighten any room while adding value, versatility and curb appeal. The 1" double strength, tempered, insulated glass can be equipped with grids in a variety of  configurations while other options include tinted glass, interior and /or exterior laminate colors and a variety of hardware options from matching vinyl to brass. The Low-E/Argon Gas Filled Units are Energy Star® rated with a Design Pressure Rating of 50, which meets Category B Hurricane standards. The Door Store & Window Shop can help you choose the right sliding patio door for your next project!

Masonite HD Steel 3P w/ Naples Glass

Door: MHD-217-366-X Sidelite: MHDSL-152-366-X

Belleville Fir Textured w/ Element Glass 

Door: BFT-106-328-2 Sidelites: BFTSL-151-328-X

Transom: T-328

Heritage Smooth w/ Focus Glass
Door: HGS-217-627-2C

Stop by today and let our Specialists assist you in choosing your own personal door!

Belleville Fir Textured w/ Frontier Glass

Door: BLT-404-312-1

Masonite HD Steel w/Element Glass

Door: MHD-404--327-1 Sidelite: MHDSL-450-327-1

Belleville Smooth w/Clear Glass & 6-Lite Applied SDL Bars. Door: BLS-106-S06-2

Belleville MahoganyTextured w/ Zavilla Glass

Doors #BMT-122-537-X   Sidelites BMTSL-152-537-X

Masonite HD Steel w/ Optimus Glass


Belleville Smooth w/ Rozet Glass #BLS-122-467-X

Masonite's distinctive doors will complement any style and personal taste. Their comprehensive selection of styles, finishes and decorative glass options are proudly crafted with exacting attention to detail. Add value and appeal to your home, office or next project with the unsurpassed quality of a Masonite Door!

Masonite HD Steel w/ Pear Glass & Applied Prairie Sidelite Bars. Door: MHD-122-116-S09P-X

Sidelites: MHDSL-152-116-S06P-X

Belleville Hollister  Smooth w/ Clear Glass &

8-Lite Two-Toned Internal Grids (bronze/white)


Belleville Hollister Mahogany with Sienna Glass


This "hinged cousin" to the sliding patio door will create a spacious, inviting feel to your home or business while adding value to your dwelling. Any of the door styles from American Door Company can be made into a Double Active French Door. Masonite offers many special order options for exterior  and  interior French Doors in a variety of materials.  There are many styles to chose from and can even include a glass design! Contact us today for help selecting the perfect French Door to suit your needs!