Russell Yordy Jr
Russell founded Cabinet Surplus in 1972 when he 
set out in a truck to purchase new kitchen cabinetry for his home. He visited Rhones Warehouse and brought back an entire load of surplus cabinets, turning his little 2-car garage into a warehouse. Cabinet Surplus was born! Mr. Yordy started chasing the streets of salvage in his truck....A True American Picker before his time! Cabinet Surplus slowly evolved from that little 2-car garage into the 86,000-plus square foot warehouses it occupies today. Russell retired from Cabinet Surplus in 1991, spending his time maintaining his farm. Mr. Yordy has since passed away, but continues to influence the business with the wisdom that he passed on to his sons. 

Who We Are...

Veris Yordy 
Veris is co-owner and president of Cabinet Surplus. Veris began his career at Cabinet Surplus over 40 years ago as a teenager working for his father and founder, Russell Yordy, Jr. Veris has been a fixture at Cabinet Surplus, working his way up the ladder to the title of President. His current duties include purchasing, financing and acting as the "Man Behind the Scenes". Veris is also co-owner and president of The Door Store & Window Shop.

Vincent Yordy 
Vince is co-owner and the oldest of the Yordy Boys. When not working in the Counter Top Shop, Vince can ususally be found managing and organizing Cabinet Surplus' buildings and properties. With a background in carpentry, Vince is our expert on installation, repair and all around trouble-shooting in the realm of kitchen and bath. With over 40 years in the business, Vince is a great source of ideas for designing kitchens, countertops and baths.

Tim Yordy 
Tim is co-owner and youngest among the brothers. Tim is our man in charge of sales. With more than 30 years of experience in the business, Tim started young and continues to manage day to day operations at Cabinet Surplus. Tim spends most of his time on the sales floor and has many years of experience with the kitchen design software.

Crystal Yordy 
Crystal is Veris's wife, and Office Manager of Cabinet Surplus. Her vital functions include purchasing, advertising, design of our warehouse showroom and keeping track of her husband. She does an immense amount of work with amazing efficiency. Crystal is also co-owner and vice president of The Door Store & Window Shop. You will often see her at The Door Store & Window Shop, quoting windows, designing doors and assisting flooring customers.

Adam Yordy 
Adam is Vincent's Son and the Shop Manager. In addition, he is skilled at constructing our cabinets, trained in the Countertop Shop, designs kitchens with our design software, assists on the sales floor plus does deliveries and small installation jobs in his free time.

Kevin is a detail oriented designer who is knowledgeable in all of the kitchen lines that we offer, but has a knack for specialty kitchens. His resume includes bathroom design and he is an accomplished carpenter!

Barry is a "jack of all trades" around the warehouse. He knows every inch of the building and can tell you from memory if we have what you are looking for. Part of our sales team, Barry is great with bathroom accessories and small kitchen projects. You will also see him assisting door customers.

Mike & Tommy
Some of the hardest working men in Dewart, these guys build the cabinets. They have many years of experience between them and we couldn't provide you with quality cabinets if it wasn't for our builders!